Fliphead Weapons Grey Set


– Individual Weapons
– 5 x Power Gun

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A powerful assemblage of all 5 of the core Rangers’ Weapons: Red Power Sword, Black Power Axe, Blue Power Lance, Yellow Power Daggers, and Pink Power Bow. Used as a finisher on small monsters. Sometimes it wouldn’t manage to destroy them before Rita or Zedd could make the monster grow.

It resembles a crossbow, and its two central pieces were the Power Bow and the Power Axe. The Power Blaster was formed by placing the Power Bow horizontally within the locking mechanism of the Power Axe in Cannon Mode, with the Power Dagger’s and separated Power Lance Mace’s connected to the length of the Bow, with their handles facing forward, acting as additional barrels to the cannon. The Power Sword, the key to the Blaster, was locked in on top of the cannon, similar to where an arrow would be placed in a crossbow. The Power Blaster was used by the first team of Rangers extensively and only once by the second team Scavenger Hunt before switching to the Power Canno

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