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My passion for Power Rangers has led me to specialize in restoring vintage toys to their former glory, bringing joy to fans young and old. With attention for detail and a deep knowledge of Power Rangers, I strive to make each restored toy a cherished addition to your collection.


Hi! My name is Samuel Marchoul, in my 30s and proud Belgian. Most people recognize me under the alias “Rangers Remorphed”.

I’m the CEO, Propmaker, Social Media Content Creator, Accountant,… of Rangers Remorphed.

A truly one man army.


  • 1993: Watched the first episode of Power Rangers on tv
  • 2016: Gained back the interest on Power Rangers and started Remorphing my old vintage Toys.
  • 2017: Created the Rangers Remorphed account on Instagram and Facebook. Posting some random pictures of all the Remorphs I did.
  • 2018: Due to the high demand commissions i’m getting, I’ve started my own webshop: rangersremorphed.com. Also bought my first FDM 3D Printer to start making Cosplay Props
  • 2019: 9 Months after starting my own webshop, order #500 has been completed. Bought a second FDM 3D Printer to keep up with the Cosplay orders.
  • 2020: Covid-19 strikes the world.
  • 2021: Bought my first Resin 3D Printer. It would change the whole factory process of making Coins & Figure Weapons.
  • 2022: Order #1000 hit’s the Rangers Remorphed webshop.
  • 2023: Bought a second Resin 3D Printer to keep up with the small part orders. Also bought some new “high speed” 3D Printers, to replace the older one’s. Acquired a team of freelance 3D Designers to create custom Megazords and Figures.
  • 2024: Order #1500 completed. At the moment I’m working with five 3D Printers.


Great communication, excellent product, can’t wait to do business again.

Dit is echt super. Sam heeft keihard gewerkt voor dit prachtige resultaat. Dankzij hem ben ik nu echt Psycho Red.
Als jullie ook een Psycho Ranger willen zijn, dan moeten jullie echt wel bij Sam zijn. Hij levert fantastisch werk

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