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Power Crystals


Available Replica Power Crystals:
– Set of 6 Crystals
– Green
– Red
– Black
– Blue
– Yellow
– Pink

Categorie: Diorama & Display
Tags: mmpr, season 1

Whenever one Ranger was in great peril, and the others would need to assist them, the other Rangers could put their hands together and form a Power Crystal out of their morphing essence (their Coin). With it, they could transport themselves to wherever their Crystals were if a Ranger activated them. The Crystals could be transported through the Morphing Grid to a Ranger’s Power Weapon, as first seen in A Pressing Engagement. When Jason had his (Red) along with the other four, he could activate them, transporting his friends, Zack Taylor (Black), Billy Cranston (Blue), Trini Kwan (Yellow) and Kimberly Ann Hart (Pink) to his location. The Rangers become beams of colored light upon transport. They could also be used in conjunction with the Dinozords, by becoming joysticks to control the Megazord, projecting energy lightning bolts from all 5 Zords at once in the Megazord’s Tank Mode, or as one concentrated blast through the cranial laser in Battle Mode. Tommy’s Dragon Power coin could be used to form a green Power Crystal as well. Although it was never seen being created, Jason used Tommy’s Power Crystal to control Dragonzord in battle mode within its cockpit in place of his own.

Weight: 0.800 kg


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