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The Black Ranger could use the Power Axe in Cannon Mode even when not assembling the Power Blaster. When in this Cannon Mode, the Axe would shoot purple energy blasts from the barrel of the weapon. [MMPR1: “Itsy Bitsy Spider“] The Black Ranger used the Cannon Mode to attack Rita’s Goatan monster. [MMPR1: “Lions and Blizzards“]

When trapped in the Jellyfish’s time-phased dimension, the Black Ranger was able to use Cannon Mode to attack the monster, freeing the Rangers and weakening the monster’s powers. [MMPR1: “Reign of the Jellyfish“] When the Rangers fought the Slippery Shark, the Black Ranger was able to use Cannon Mode to shoot the monster out of the ground that it was hiding in. [MMPR1: “On Fins and Needles“]

A single strike from the Power Axe was enough to destroy the Putty Patroller who was masquerading as the Black Ranger thanks to the Twin Man monster. [MMPR1: “A Bad Reflection on You“] However, when Rita later used the Badges of Darkness to once again transform a band of Putty Patrollers into evil copies of the Power Rangers, Zordon stated that the Rangers would require new weapons to combat them, including the Power Axe. Designed and built by Alpha 5, these weapons were identical in appearance to the existing Power Weapons, but significantly enhanced in durability. [MMPR1: “Mighty Morphin’ Mutants“]

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  1. 5 out of 5


    The most accurate Black Ranger Axe on the market. The finishing and shipping were perfect. Thanks for completing my Ranger Weapons collection.

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