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Zeo Megazord


Restored 96’s Zeo Megazord
– Show accurate painting
– Sword
– Helmets
– New show accurate stickers (decals)
– Fully customized by the Rangers Remorphed standard

Time to restore / shipping
1 Month

1 in stock

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Categorie: Megazords Categorie, Zeo Megazords
Tags: ohranger, season 4, zeo

Zeo Megazord is a combination of the five Zeozords. Usually in Warrior Mode with the Zeo V Battle Helmet, the Zeo Megazord can don helmets from the other four Zeozords as well. It was armed with the Zeo Megazord Saber, which could charge up for an energy slash. The Zeo Megazord presumably remains in storage in the Zeozord holding bay.

Weight: 0.800 kg


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