Battleborgs Weapons Set


– 5x Personal Weapon
– 5x Sword
– 5x Alien Ranger (small)
– 5x Alien Ranger backstand

Painting options
– One Color (Original)
– Show Accurate (Painted show accurate with extra details)

Shipping Time
1 Week

Categorie: Mighty Morphin, Parts & Weapons
Tags: alien rangers, battleborgs, kakuranger, parts, season 3

The Battle Borgs are the colossal humanoid robots of the Alien Rangers which were given to them by Ninjor just as he granted the Ninjazords to the Power Rangers of Earth. They are sleek battle machines that have the same heads as the Shogunzords. They have no transformation abilities, but instead have great mobility.

The Battle Borgs are summoned by the Alien Rangers with coins, and are controlled by a mental link, allowing the Rangers to remain off the battlefield during a fight. The technology allowing a telepathic link between a Battle Borg and its pilot was later utilized in the Red Battlezord. The Battle Borgs did have a finisher, where the Red was launched as a fireball/comet through the enemy by all of the other Battle Borgs. The finisher was successful against Slotsky. It was also attempted against the Barbarik Brothers, but failed.

Weight: 0.300 kg


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