Dragon Dagger & Display



  • Handmade Dragon Dagger
  • Display Stand
  • Strong and Durable
  • Automotive paint
  • Design made by Wanderertj
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The Dragon Dagger appeared to be a small bladed dagger, approximately 18 inches in length and colored in black with a green and silver blade. The Dagger featured the symbol of the Green Ranger’s Power Coin on both sides of its hilt. The core of the dagger was unusual in that it featured pipes, holes, keys and a mouthpiece similar to that of a flute.

Unlike the other Dinozords, the Dragon Dagger was used to summon and control the Dragonzord without the need to board its cockpit. By blowing into the mouthpiece of the dagger and fingering its keys, the user could play loud brassy tunes that the Dragonzord would respond to. The Green Ranger was also able to use the music of the Dragon Dagger to energise his Dragon Shield, which would cause a blue diamond-shaped energy shield to manifest in front of him which was strong enough to repel the energy blasts of the Red Ranger’s Blade Blaster.

Additional information

Weight 1.100 kg

Finished, Kit


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