Ivan Ooze’s Hyperlock


– 3D printed and/or painted Ivan Ooze Egg file created by Mickey Cosplay & Props

Printed variations:
– Normal (11 cm – 4,33 inch in HEIGHT)
– Large ( 15 cm – 5,91 inch in HEIGHT)
– X-Large ( 20cm – 7,87 inch in HEIGHT)

Production & Shipping
Shipping can vary on the amount of orders.




Categorie: Diorama & Display
Tags: ivan ooze, movie


Ivan’s hyperlock chamber was unearthed six thousand years later by an Angel Grove construction crew. Zordon sent the Rangers to hide the chamber once more, but they were beaten to the scene by Rita and Zedd, who released Ooze, and asked for Zordon’s destruction in return. Ooze breached the Command Center’s security with ease. He demolished the Command Center, severely weakened Alpha 5, and destroyed Zordon’s time warp, causing him to age rapidly. With the destruction of the Command Center, the Rangers lost their powers, and went in search of a new power source.

Weight: 0.400 kg


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