Mr. Ticklesneezer (Custom Figurine)


-Custom Mr.Ticklesneezer Figurine

***Non articulated figure***

2 Weeks

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A rather friendly and timid troll-like elf monster that was originally a doll owned by Trini Kwan‘s mother when she was young. In the box where he was, was a legend that Mr. Ticklesneezer can collect different things. In Trini’s dream, Mr. Ticklesneezer was brought to life. His specialty was collecting.

Mr. Ticklesneezer enjoyed collecting large objects (or “goodies”). Rita Repulsa wanted to use these skills to capture the Power Rangers and the world.

Squatt brought him to life and brought to Rita. She sent him to Earth and he started to kidnap buildings and trains.

When Mr Ticklesneezer¬†encountered the Rangers and fought the Megazord, he put it in the bottle. But the Rangers freed themselves and Trini told him to stop kidnapping buildings and return everything he had tooked. He returned everything he collected and returned to the form of an old, kind doll as Trini’s dream ended.

Additional information

Weight 0.450 kg

Lightning Collection Scale, Super 7 Scale


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