Restored 96’s Pyramidas
– Show accurate painting
– Fully customized by the Rangers Remorphed standard

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“I call upon the power of Pyramidas!”

Pyramidas is the personal zord of the Gold Zeo Ranger in Power Rangers Zeo. This gigantic pyramid is capable of interstellar flight, and it could shoot golden lightning bolts. Pyramidas was the first carrierzord to have its own pilot. Pyramidas can combine with the Zeo Megazord and Red Battlezord to create the Zeo Ultrazord, the ultimate in Zeo firepower.

After Trey of Triforia was shot down by the Varox, Pyramidas was briefly unavailable due to the damage sustained, but Jason Lee Scott, Trey’s temporarily replacement, was provided with the Warrior Wheel until Pyramidas was restored to combat status.

When the Gold Ranger returned to his home-planet, he took Pyramidas with him.

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