White Tigerzord


Vintage 94's White Tigerzord (Mythical Chi Beast Won Tiger)
– Show accurate painting
– New show accurate stickers (decals)
– Fully customized by the Rangers Remorphed standard

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Categorie: Megazords Categorie, Mighty Morphin Zords
Tags: dairanger, megazord, season 2, white ranger

The White Tigerzord, also known as the White Tiger Thunderzord, or simply Tigerzord, is the White Mighty Morphin Power Ranger’s first Zord.

With the creation of the White Power Ranger, Zordon gave Tommy the new White Tigerzord to provide the necessary backup against Lord Zedd’s monsters. As the name suggests, he is based off a white tiger. Tommy summoned and controlled the Zord with his talking saber, Saba.

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