Delta Megazord


– Vintage 98’s Delta Megazord
– Show accurate painting
– New show accurate stickers (decals)
– Fully customized by the Rangers Remorphed standard

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The Delta Megaship is the second Megaship Zord of the Red Space Ranger in Power Rangers: In Space. It serves as his personal Megazord of sorts. It was remotely controlled through the Red Space Ranger’s Battlizer device and therefore did not require a pilot so completely lacked it’s own cockpits. As a result, the interior of the Megaship was mostly mechanical parts and a small control room used infrequently by the Rangers. When not in use, it was held in the Delta Docking Station, a spacedock which would split apart to release the Megaship. The Astro Megaship could also be docked atop the spacedock’s ring structure.

The Delta Megaship was previously owned by the Phantom Ranger, who held the disc that could activate it. The Phantom Ranger gave this disc to Andros, as the Phantom Ranger had to go after Zordon and thought Andros could make better use of it. When Ecliptor was upgraded into Red Ecliptor he demonstrated his new power by blasting the Delta Megazord, reducing it to pieces. It was damaged beyond repair.

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