Gold Dino Ultrazord


Gold Dino Ultrazord
Replica of Tsuyoshi Nonaka’s Gold Ultrazord
As seen on Netflix’s “Toys That Made Us” Season 3

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The Ultrazord, Mega Ultrazord (Japanese Version), or Dino Ultrazord – the “ultimate battle system” of the Power Rangers, is the combined form of all seven of the zords the Power Rangers possessed in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

The Dino Ultrazord forms in two ways, either with Mega Dragonzord descending onto the opened hatch behind Titanus, or with the Dino Megazord hitching a ride onto Titanus’ back with the Dragonzord forming on top.

To form Dino Ultrazord, many Zord parts come off and switch positions. Titanus’ claws clasp onto Megazord’s hands, Dragonzord’s chestpiece docks in front of Titanus, Titanus’s chest armor comes onto Megazord’s chest and Titanus’ tail splits and reconnects onto its shoulders as cannons (although on TV it’s shown as sliding forward).

The Ultrazord’s blasts are centered on the following areas. The Megazord then appears to be harnessing the two new zords’ powers as a finisher weapon.

Dragonzord’s fingers
Titanus’ mouth
Titanus’ shoulder cannons
Titanus’ chest plate

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